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US bans Tik Tok and WeChat

The US has banne tik Tok and WeChat. Now in next 48 hours tik Tok and WeChat Google Play Store will be removed from Apple’s App Store. After this, users of America will not be able to download Tiktok and WeChat.

For your information, let us tell you that US President Donald Trump has been continuously accusing China of stealing data. Donald Trump says that Chinese companies steal technology from the US. And sells it to the Chinese government.

Recently a Chinese technology company was accused in India of spying about 10,000 people in India. And the Chinese government is also being said to be involved in this spying. These 10,000 people include big names like Prime Minister, President and Leader of Opposition.

However, Chinese companies have consistently denied all these allegations. But Donald Trump has been taking tough measures against Chinese companies and the Chinese government. This latest step is an example of this.

America banned tik Tok and chat too


Earlier, the US had given 45 days to Tik Tok and WeChat. The Donald Trump administration said that we had given 45 days to tik tok and WeChat. And said that he should sell all his business to an American company. But they did not do so.

The Trump administration has since decided to ban WeChat and tik tok. Let us tell you for information that before this India too has banned more than 250 aaps of China. And it also includes tik tok and WeChat.

America was the world’s largest market for tik tok

After the ban in India, America was the world’s largest market for tik tok. At the same time, America was also a big market for WeChat. But now the way of America is also seen closing for China’s apps.

Donald Trump had earlier said that if tik tok and WeChat sell some of their business to American companies and retain more shares, the deal will not be approved by the administration. Since then, it seemed that the US would soon ban Tiktok and WeChat.

What did tik tok say about the ban

Tik tok said in a statement that the decision taken by the Donald Trump administration of the US is non-constitutional. We will challenge it in court. tik tok said that we were constantly working with the US government. And had said that we will be more transparent about our data privacy. But this new order is ununfortunat. Tik tok said that people in America were involved with tik tok. And their livelihood used to go on. Now their employment will also be affected. In his statement, he further said that we will continue to raise the voice of the people.

It will now be interesting to see if Donald Trump in the Tiktok court challenges the administration’s order.

The same WeChat has also issued a statement regarding the ban. WeChat said in its statement that we are constantly in talks with the US government. And we are hoping that some solution will come out of this problem in future. Like Tic Talk, WeChat has also dismissed allegations made by the US administration.

Tik tok and WeChat will be removed from the Google Play Store and aap store in the next 48 hours. WeChat USA I will stop working within the next 48 hours. WeChat will have to consolidate its business from the US by Sunday. The same tik tok business can continue in the US until November 12. But after that tik tok will also have to consolidate its business from America. If one fails to sell his company to an American company, then the ban on tik tok will also apply.

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