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What can the world learn from America’s democratic system and the coronavirus epidemic?

Recently there have been presidential elections in America. Where former President Donald Trump has suffered defeat. Joe Biden is sworn in as the new president. After a long struggle, America has saved its democratic system for the last time. Former US President Donald Trump fought to the extent of the coup. Which sets a bad exam in front of the world.

There is a saying in democracy that you may get delayed here. But you will definitely get justice. The US presidential election has proved this once again. Democracy is as old as America. The democratic institutions there are equally strong. As democratic institutions, the Senate Congress and the media once again proved that no matter how much anarchy is tried. Democracy in America will be alive forever.

On the other hand, we also got to see in America how one man agreed to move the whole system? He needed a chair at any cost. Which was not given to him by the American people.

Big tech companies like Google Facebook have been considered as a threat to democracy till now. But once again big tech companies like Google and Facebook have proved that they do not exist without democracy. Big media companies such as Google Facebook YouTube played an important role in saving America’s democracy. All accounts of Donald Trump were suspended. Media also played an important role. The media refused to telecast the speech of the US President on its channel. In such a situation, the role of media is also important.

With this we get to learn that how important media plays in any democracy? On the other hand, the US military has also expressed its support for democracy. The US military said that we are not obliged to accept the orders of any such person. Which is chosen in a non-democratic way.

Which America used to set before us for a few decades. Now what can the world learn from the democratic system there? Today we will see this.

Two faces of America’s democracy

During the US presidential election, we saw two faces of American democracy. One face was where the democratic institutions there saved America’s democracy. On the other hand, there was a powerful man who was bent on destroying democracy in America. In the end, however, democracy won. Supporters of former US President Donald Trump had reached the US capital, Washington DC. And at no cost did they want to see Joe Biden sworn in. These shortcomings and struggles of American democracy have also been accepted by the current President of America, Joe Biden in his swearing-in ceremony.

On the other hand, another face of a US democracy is that the US government was completely shattered in the corona virus epidemic. Millions of people died in America. Experts are saying that this is the highest number of deaths in the US so far. Not many deaths occurred in America even during World War II. In such a situation, we are seeing another face of democracy. Where there is a weak administration and if the power goes into the hands of the wrong people, then the system fails. Can you imagine a society where there is no system? Some similar arrangements were established by former President of America Donald Trump.

The Governance Index is released by the World Bank every year. It ranks America at 25. And it is constantly falling. On the other hand, in the case of corruption too, America is ranked at 25. In such a situation, it is clear that India has less corruption than developing countries like Indonesia and Brazil. But we have to see one more thing that the democratic system in America is not the best democratic system in the world. The same was accepted by the current President of America at the time of oath taking ceremony.

Is democracy more secure in the hands of women?

The coronavirus epidemic has taught us another lesson. How much leadership capacity exists in the hands of women. The corona virus epidemic has taught us this. A powerful and rich country like America has been seen failing in front of the corona virus epidemic. Countries like New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Uruguay have been steadfastly combating the coronavirus epidemic. At the same time, he also saved the economy here. At the same time, if we talk about Taiwan, then there is also leadership by a woman. Taiwan taught the whole world how to cope with the epidemic?

If you look at all these democratic countries, all these have leadership in the hands of women. Now we are going to see another form of corona virus epidemic. If you look at countries like America, Brazil, India, England, then there is leadership in the hands of men. In such a situation, there have been more deaths in all these countries. In such a situation, experts are raising the question whether democracy is more secure in the hands of women?

Countries like India which call themselves the largest democratic countries in the world. He also appeared to be failing in front of the corona virus epidemic. There were thousands of laborers on the streets. There was no one to live and see them. The police were constantly running sticks on the workers. In such a situation, democratic systems were once again questioned. In such a situation, we have to see whether the democratic countries around the world are ready to face another epidemic to come?

Changed democratic system during Coronavirus epidemic

Where democratic countries like India and America were seen failing in front of the coronavirus epidemic. On the other hand, some countries emerged which managed to combat the corona virus epidemic. These countries set the examinations before the world, how are the arrangements made here for the epidemic? And how can it be changed if needed? If we take Norwegian examinations, then Norway gave 90% salary protection to the people here. The salaries of those who lost their jobs were given by the government. Countries like Norway gave money directly to the people here. While democratic countries like India proved to be unsuccessful in doing all this, a large amount of economic packages were released in India. But they have not seen any benefit yet.

In addition, Canada made significant changes to its skill development program. Canada also included people who had lost their jobs in their skill development program. And were preparing themselves for another job. This change in the program managed to save the lives of millions. Those who lost their jobs. They all managed to get their jobs back.

At the same time, talking about democratic countries like India and America, thousands of people became unemployed here. Now how do they get employment again, neither the people nor the governments know it. In such a situation, it will also be interesting to see how democratic systems around the world change themselves after the Corona virus?

Large scale mismanagement witnessed in India? Another major problem of democratic countries like India is that mismanagement is not accepted by governments here. Governments feel that if they accept the mismanagement, then they may suffer losses in the coming election. If you do not accept any mismanagement, then the scope of improvement in it ends automatically.

Lockdown on India’s economy and government

India is included in those countries of the world. Where the epidemic has badly hit the economy here. At present, the economy in India is worse than 1952. The slowdown of this pattern was observed in India around 1952. If we compare the economy of that time and that of the present time, the economy of India has changed to a great extent.

A long lock down was imposed in India. India’s economy was going through a difficult period even before this. The lockdown led to a new crisis. Where to get out is going to be very difficult for the government.

The Government of India imposed Lok Down under the Pandemic Act of 1897. The Government of India took over all the powers through this act. The Government of India took all powers into its own hands. But she failed to handle these powers. Thousands of laborers were forced to take to the streets in India. There was no system for them.

India’s economy faced a major lock-down. If we talk about work-from-home during lock down, then here too the government was seen to be failing. Where the private sector readily adopted Work from Home. The government offices remained closed at this time. The Indian government failed to compete with private companies. Could not reach her services to the people. In such a situation, the question arises whether this type of epidemic is a challenge for democratic systems? Which the democratic system around the world has failed to face.

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