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Which countries stand with France in the fight against fundamentalism?

These days France is struggling with fundamentalism. France is considered one of the most liberal countries in the world. But these days, attacks on people by fundamentalists have increased after showing controversial cartoons of Prophet Mohammed there. In particular, the French President is attacking people opposing the immunal macron.

Recently people praying in a church in the city of Nice, France, were attacked. 3 people died in it. The man who was attacking these people was shouting the slogan of Allah Hu Akbar. This boy came to France from Tunisia a few days ago. The boy believed that he is serving Islam by this. Now it is not known how much he was serving Islam. But 3 people died in this attack. The question here arises that how many countries stand with him in this battle of fundamentalism with France?

Most countries have committed to stand with France against this fundamentalism. Which includes countries like India, Australia, England, Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has said that it does not support fundamentalism of any kind.

Turkey and France have gone face to face against the same Emmanuel macron. Apart from this, Pakistan has also supported Turkey. In such a situation, if one or two countries are left, the whole world is standing with France at this time. In addition, Iran has also threatened France.

  • Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has expressed his sympathy to the people of France against the terrorist attacks in France.
  • Countries like America India Europe Australia and England stand with France after a radical attack in France.
  • Saudi Arabia has said that it does not support radicalism of any kind.
  • While some countries like Turkey, Pakistan and Iran have made silly statements. And promoting radicalism.
  • The security of the French embassy in India has been increased after the radical attacks.

Which countries stand with France against fundamentalism?

Right now the question arises here, which countries are standing with him in the continuous radical attacks in France and this battle of France.

US President Donald Trump has committed to stand with France. And at the same time have expressed sympathy for France against these radical attacks in France. He has made a tweet in this matter.

In addition, most countries of the European Union have committed to stand with France. And also expressed sympathy for France.

India has got the strongest support in these radical attacks in France. Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi has tweeted that in addition to the terrorist attacks in a church in the city of Nice, France, I strongly condemn the recent terrorist attacks. Our deepest connection with the people and victims of the terrorist attack There are sensitivities. India stands with France in this fight against terrorism.

At a time when terrorist and radical attacks were increasing in France. Countries like England and Australia were unable to stand with France then. Then India supported France. And cleared my stand.

Earlier, the Foreign Ministry of India had also criticized the French President’s immunal macron against Turkey, Iran and Pakistan without naming him.

India increased the security of the French Embassy

Apart from this, the security of the French Embassy in New Delhi, India has been increased by the Government of India and the Consulates in Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata and Puducherry have also been increased by the Government of India. Radical attacks on these embassies were expected. After this, the Government of India has taken this step.

In the midst of all this, India’s Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan Sringala also reached Paris on Thursday. He met Annul Bons, the royal advisor to Meenal Macron. Emotional bones said at a college international seminar that India and France alike are battling radical attacks.

Radical attacks are increasing in France

France is currently reeling from radical attacks. And there are radical attacks on people by people. Their knives are being beheaded. There have been four to five attacks of this method so far.

France is getting the support of most countries. But former Prime Minister of Malaysia Mahatir Mohammad has tweeted a few. Which can go somewhere silly. Due to such people, fundamentalism is increasing in the world. He has tweeted a few that look inflammatory.

In one of his tweets, he said that the people of France have done many atrocities on the Muslim world before. In such a situation, now the Islamic people have the right to kill millions of French people. Such a statement can never be expected from the former Prime Minister of a country.

The tweet has been deleted by Twitter, considering it inflammatory. The French Foreign Minister had demanded on Twitter that he take action against Mahathir Mohammed.

Apart from this, Pakistan Iran and Turkey have also made such inflammatory statements. So that the danger has increased even more. France has told the citizens of its country that they are avoiding attacks of fundamentalism wherever they are. And they need to be cautious.

What does the law of France say about religion

France does not have any kind of blasphemy law like Islamic countries. Where if you do evil of religion, you can be jailed.

The French law says that you can make fun of any religion. Whether it is Islam or Christianity. There is a fight in France over a cartoon. Which is that of Prophet Mohammad.

Fundamentalists are saying that this is an insult to our religion. And France should stop it. Whereas France says that these are our values. And we are not going to bow down to any country about it. According to the French law, you are given the freedom of speech in its entirety.

But if you are living in Iran and a girl is cycling without a hijab, then she is put in jail. In Pakistan too, Muslims are given more rights than people of other religions. Then why can’t this kind of law apply in France? Do not understand it.

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