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Why Elon Musk and space X is the winner in private space industry

Ahead of its competition would be a massive understatement. Elon musk’s Company is sent cruise of astronauts into Oregon, as well as to the ISS. It is making significant progress on establishing Starship a heavy launch vehicle capable of sending humans back to the Moon.

 On the flip side, blue origin has only sent to cruise of tourists to an altitude of just several miles above the carbon. Line, which is the total of 62 miles. The Karman line is the internationally agreed upon boundary of space, and the reason why everyone’s been poking fun at Bezos Elon is taken a jab Blue Origin, and Bezos as well, which is to be expected, since the two aren’t exactly friends. According to popular theoretical physicist Michio Kaku. This so called Battle of the billionaires isn’t nearly as close as mainstream media would have you believe.

What is going on in Elon Musk space x and Jeff bezos blue origin

 In reality, Spacex’s forged and absolutely insanely Dover blue Origin and Virgin Galactic. How insane you may ask. 

Well, the lead is now so significant that most people in the space industry would call this a heated race for second place. But why are things working out for Branson and jef bejos like? They seem to be for Ilan. In July 2021, Richard Branson successfully flew to space with Virgin Galactic, and like Clockwork Bezos launch with Blue Origin just 9 days later. At the time, the 2 space flights made it seem like the companies were at the same level.

 but today’s reality tells a very different story. Altogether, Blue Origin has now flown it second and 3rd customers on its New Shepherd rocket.

Space tourism battle in space industry

 Well, on the other hand, Virgin Galactic has get to launch any of the 600 people who have reservations for tickets on future flights. Just recently Virgin Galactic is delayed the beginning of its commercial space tourism service to the 4th quarter of 2022.

 with the company announcing a reorganization. Its development and test flight schedule according to a Virgin Galactic spokesperson Branson’s company will start the process of refurbishing and improving its spacecraft and carrier aircraft. The process is expected to last anywhere from 8 to ten months. with completion expected between June and August of 2022.

 This refurbishment. Is expected to begin in September. But the FAS grounded Virgin Galactic for most of last month to investigate a problem that occur during the flight that carried Branson in July. The investigation was completed and DFA and cleared Virgin Galactic to return the flight.

 Originally Virgin Galactic in plant begin the enhancement. After its next plan Space Flight Unity 23. But according to the company. A recent test flying a possible reduction in the strength margins of certain materials used to modify specific joints in its vehicles that will require further physical inspection in a recent statement, Virgin Galactic CEO Mike Cold Laser said the RE sequencing of our enhancement. And the Unity 23 flight underscores our safety first procedures.

Regular Delhi is major problem for Virgin plastic

 Provides the most efficient past commercial service and is the right approach for our business in our customers, things took a turn for the worst when news of the delay went public and Virgin Galactic stock took a nosedive. Unity 23 will now happen after the enhancement process, which, according to Virgin Galactic, is designed to further increase margins that will enable improve reliability. Durability and reduced maintenance requirements.

 Virgin had to more space flights scheduled for the 3rd quarter of 2022, Unity 24 and Unity 25, which no longer have public target dates. Unity 25 will represent the launch of Virgin Galactic Commercial service, but with no set target date.

What is the progress of blue origin

 Public interest in the project is quickly. Baby blue origin hasn’t been doing too well either. Bases Space Flight Company has seen a mass exodus of top talent, especially after its losing bid on NASA’s Lunar Lander contract. which was awarded to none other than space x. with people dropping out of the company faster than high school delinquents, blue origins, considerable delays could get even worse.

 They have struggled in the production of its powerful PE for rocket engine and as a result the maiden launch of you always Vulcan rocket has slipped to late 2022. This will put the first flight of the engine of full 5 years behind schedule. which is absolutely nuts for a well established company like Blue Origin.

 Meanwhile, the first flight of the company is highly anticipated. New Glenn rocket, which was originally scheduled for 2020, has also been pushed to late 2022, and that’s at the earliest. But when you take a look at the data, none of this should be happening at a company of Blue Origins statue.

Blue origin is spending billions of dollars on space projects

 They employ thousands of the world’s top rocket engineers. They also have access to a virtually unlimited supply of money, courtesy of its founder. Bhejo sports just shine. 200 billion dollars spends one billion dollars a year out of his own pocket to fund blue origin.

 In an ideal world, blue origin should be one of the most successful space companies in the world. But as you know, the world is far from ideal and apparently so is blue origin.

Safety concerns about blue origin

 Ali Abrams, former head of blue Origin Employee Communications recently wrote a revealing whistleblower essay detailing safety concerns in rampant sexism in the company.

 According to Abrams, Blue Origin has all the ingredients for success and to become something truly fantastic. The engineers really believed that, and they try everyday to make it a reality.

 Despite the leaderships interventions. The company also has relentless focus on speed, which has considerably undermined its ability to properly address problems with its launch vehicles. That’s pretty ironic for company, whose motto is grid Adam for Rossiter, which is Latin for step by step ferociously.

 Most of the talent that left, or engineers who got tired of putting band aids on problems Abrams believe. The focus on speed and pressure to move fast. Can you trace back as far as 2017. when it became clear that the company was being left behind by its rival. SpaceX. basis is growing in patients with the pace of development was visible and many believe it stand from the jealousy. He seemed to have for both Eland Branson who appeared to be making more progress than him. According to the Abrams. Essay Blue Origin CEO Bob Smith repeatedly failed to listen to his employees growing concerns about the companies toxic workplace culture and the safety of its vehicles.

 Abrams label Bob Smith as one of the most incapable leaders. she had ever encountered, saying that plenty of engineers didn’t feel comfortable raising safety and quality concerns for fear. Retaliation, which is a very scary thing when you’re working on a high risk experimental vehicle. Abrams essay was cosigned by twenty anonymous current and former Blue Origin employees, giving it tons of credibility. That said, blue origins still denied many of the allegations, as you would expect by a company trying to stay afloat in an internal. Email to Blue Origin employees.

 Earlier this month, Smith wrote it is particularly difficult and painful for me to hear claims being levied that attempt to characterise or entire team in a way that doesn’t align with the character and capabilities that I see. A blue origin everyday. As always, I welcome and encourage any Member of team. Don’t speak directly with me. If they have concerns on any topic at anytime. Just recently, an investigation by the Washington Post Eco the issues raised by Abrams and painted a picture of an. Organization with a deep distrust is a leadership sexism and insufficient concern for the safety of its launch vehicles.

 It should be noted that bhejo is actually owns the Washington Post, which goes to show how serious problems are. One thing is clear, blue Origin won’t even have a chance to compete with SpaceX and Virgin Galactic. if it doesn’t figure out a way to overhaul with.

Jeff bezos wants to spend more time on Blue origin

 One employee described as its authoritarian bro culture in early 2021 visa step down from his role as the CEO of Amazon and committed himself to spend more time focus on blue origin. However, it’s anyone’s guess weather Bezos can clean up the Companies Act and implement his grand vision for human space exploration and a sense of common purpose.

 But as the competition? Stumbles, SpaceX has been on a tear launching space flights faster than any other space company or agency for that matter, aside from its general success and high public approval, industry experts have pointed out the spacex experience is very different compared to flying with Virgin Galactic or blue orange.

Space travel ticket price rate

 Based on the $55,000,000 that NASA’s paying per astronaut. Permissions you can estimate the price of a SpaceX trip to be around $1,000,000. By contrast, the Virgin Galactic ticket goes for $200,000 to 450,000 only to the fact that you are technically not going to space.

 blue origin, Well, Blue Origin declined to disclose how much its passengers were paying for tickets. which after everything we’ve heard. Wasn’t really that surprising. The only indication of blue origins pricing structure is a public auction that the company held for a seat on its first flight. with Basus which went for $28,000,000, according to Bezos, Blue Origin has sold nearly 100 $1,000,000 worth of tickets for New Shepherd flights. And while we’re talking money would be remiss if we failed to mention that .

 Musk is now the richest man in the world and is worth 321 billion dollars with a net worth greater than Warren Buffett and Bill Gates combined. It will be interesting to see how this influences Musks projects in operations replying to a tweet about his new found title of the richest man on Earth. Elon said hopefully enough to extend life to Mars. Yes, Elon. We’re pretty confident that if anyone is gonna get us there, it’s going to be you until next time. Welcome to the future.

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