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Why the farmers of India are protest against the government

Farmers in India are continuously protest against the government. And the movement is now getting faster. Actually, the Indian government wants to adopt new methods for farming in India. And wants to give the companies farm contracts to the companies.

The farmers have alleged that by taking such a step, the government wants to make the farmers laborers on their own fields. Apart from this, there are many issues on which farmers are continuously agitating.

The matter was further aggravated when the police lathi-charged the farmers gathered in Kurukshetra, Haryana. And many farmers were injured. Now the farmers have warned of a big movement against the governments.

Why are farmers protest against the government

farmers protest against government

Actually, the Modi government recently passed three ordinances related to farmers farming. And farmers are opposing these ordinances. Farmers allege that through these laws, the government wants to make farmers laborers and poor. And some want to give India’s agriculture to the hands of the capitalists. At the same time, the government says that these ordinances will double the income of farmers. And by 2022, the target we have set for doubling farmers’ income will be met.

The first ordinance that the Modi government has brought has been changed in the anti-hoarding law of 1955. Now it has been said in the new law that now traders can keep a stock as much as they want. There will be no restriction on this.

Farmers allege that hoarding will increase in the country after the introduction of this law. And the country’s food will go into the hands of a few capitalists. And it will directly benefit the capitalists of the country. Farmers will become more poor. And the bourgeoisie will become even more wealthy. Farmers allege that they will first buy food grains from farmers at low prices for hoarding. And later we will collect its stock here. Later, when the prices of crops increase, it will be sold to the people at expensive prices. In such a situation, farmers will be directly affected by this.

Mandi system will end with second ordinance

Modi government has brought another ordinance. And the ordinance provides that the mandi system will be scrapped. And people will be able to buy the produce directly from the farmers also from outside the mandi. Now there is a provision from the government that farmers can sell their grain only in mandis. No trader outside can buy grain directly from farmers.

Due to this ordinance abolishing mandis, traders associated with this trade have also turned against the government. And they are performing continuously with the farmers. The traders say that allowing trade outside the mandis will collapse their trade. And they will have to suffer heavy losses. Traders say that we employ millions of people in the country. These jobs will end. And starvation conditions may arise in the country.

The third ordinance gives legitimacy to contract farming

The government has brought another ordinance. In which contract farming has been given validity. This ordinance provides that companies can take farm from farmers on contract and cultivate them. And can produce grains according to their needs.

Farmers allege that after the coming of this ordinance, farmers will become laborers in their own fields. And this will increase poverty in the country more.

There is another provision in the ordinance to which farmers object. The ordinance provides that companies can cancel this contract if the quality of grain or production is light. And the farmers are strongly opposed to this provision. Farmers are saying that if the requirement of companies is met first, then they will cancel their contract, saying the quality of the grain is light. And then the farmers will have to sell their crops at low prices.

What do farmer organizations say?

Farmers’ organizations are saying that by giving these ordinances, the government wants to withdraw from its MSP promise. The farmers get a good price through the minimum support price. And if the government now withdraws from the minimum support price, then it will cause huge losses to the farmers. At the same time, the farmers’ organizations have alleged that the government wants to get out of the entire agricultural system. And the whole agricultural system of the country wants to hand over the moon to industrialists. The farmers say that the movement will continue till the government does not accept our demands.

The farmers have to say that the government has given the capitalists open leeway through these presidents to exploit the farmers. And the government will have no control over these industrialists.

Government says will double farmers’ income

In this case, the government has also put its side. It has been said by the government that we want to double the income of farmers.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has pledged to double the income of farmers by 2022. And under this we are adopting reforms in agriculture. If these ordinances are enacted by law in the country, the income of the farmers will be doubled. However, how much truth is there in it? It will be interesting to see. The Narendra Modi government has promised farmers that the income of farmers will be doubled by 2022. However, now the government seems to be failing in this. On the other hand, the agitation of farmers has also increased the problems of the government continuously.

Lathi charge on farmers in Haryana

When the farmers were protesting about these ordinances in Kurukshetra, Haryana. He was then lathichargeed. And now politics has also intensified on this.

The state president of BJP himself is misunderstanding this lathicharge. He says that the police administration should have exercised restraint in this matter. Which has not been done. He said that we are setting up a committee of former MPs. And she will report in this matter.

At the same time, the BJP state president says that the farmers should have postponed the demonstration of corona virus in this time. And the matter should have been settled by negotiation. He dismissed the allegation that the government wanted to end the minimum support price. He said that the government is continuously procuring at the minimum support price. And this purchase will continue even further.

The same farmer organizations say in the case of lathicharge that we were peaceful demonstrations. But the police lathi-charged to remove us. Many farmer leaders and local farmers were injured in this lathi charge.

Opposition comes with farmers

Now this matter is constantly heating up. Opposition is also seen coming in favor of this demonstration of farmers. Congress leader Randeep Surjewala released a video message.

In this video message, Randeep Surjewala said that the Narendra Modi government and the Khattar government of Haryana are hatching a conspiracy against the farmers. Surjewala alleged that Narendra Modi and the Khattar government are attacking the minimum support price and mandi system.

Randeep Surjewala alleged that the Bharatiya Janata Party wants to hand over the entire agricultural system of India to the hands of a few capitalists. Surjewala said that the Modi government has deliberately brought through three black law ordinances in this period of Corona period. So that it cannot be opposed. Surjewala said that the Bharatiya Janata Party wants to enslave the farmers of India.



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